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Empathy THE 21st Century Skill

Session 4
Samantha Morra — Montclair Public Schools

Empathy is THE 21st century skill. It builds bonds, develops leadership skills, and brings self-awareness to seek out meaning and purpose in our lives. How can we discuss 21st century skills without first discussing empathy? How can our students understand purpose, be self-directed, and become betters learners by valuing empathy.

Empathy enables students to integrate other people's perspectives with their own. It is the ability to identify with others and will become a crucial skill as the world merges into a global community. Global awareness and the ability for technology to bring the world into our classrooms is important, but only if we can use these tools to better understand ourselves and others.

Join the conversation to explore and discuss how using technology can help us understand and nurture empathy. In this conversation will explore the discussion educators are having all across the country about empathy and the tools, sites and teaching practices that encourage empathy.

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We will use a variety of tools including wiki to bring together resources.

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