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Face-to-Face With Our Public

Session 3
Mike Thayer — Summit Public Schools

For too long, educators' voices have been ignored in the debates over contentious issues in education policy: standardized testing, school finance, curricula and standards, privatization of schools, and more. It's time that we take our knowledge, our passion, and our beliefs about the meaning of public education to the public directly - not just through op-eds and social media, but through face-to-face, direct, and most importantly personal engagement. This conversation will be a place for us to discuss the strategies for engagement, and tactics that can facilitate those strategies (e.g., what allies do we have to facilitate such meetings? what type of presentation will be most effective?) for reaching out to our natural allies: parents and interested citizens.

Conversational Practice

This will truly be a brainstorming session, where interesting and useful ideas will be collected and transferred to a public wiki (open during the session). The goal will be to create a strategy for engagement with the public, with specific tactics also enumerated on the wiki.

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Mike Thayer
Mike Thayer
Summit Public Schools


Raomej Caro

Hey Mr. Thayer & all! I might attend this conversation but it is showing up grayed out on my schedule and I think it's because the date is incorrect. This is happening Saturday, Jan. 25th right (not 26th)?

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