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Visualizing Data with Fusion Tables

Session 6
Alvin Trusty — The University of Findlay

The conversation will focus on Fusion Tables


This free Google Drive based application permits spreadsheets with geographic information (addresses, zip codes, latitude & longitude, etc.) to be combined with Google Maps to create interesting visualizations of data. As an example, here is school building rating data from an Ohio Department of Education Excel spreadsheet imported into Fusion Tables.


The application will import Excel spreadsheets, CSV and KML files. As long as the data has geographic information, it can be "mapped" on a Google Map. Additional data within the set can be used to set markers or color of objects. Thousands of data sets are available within Google Drive and can be merged with imported data sets. Hundreds of Geographic shapes (countries, states, counties, school districts, etc.) of data have been created in the system. Here is an example showing Ohio school districts color coded by poverty rates.


During the session many examples will be shared and new data visualization maps will be created.

Conversational Practice

Fusion Tables are part of Google Drive and can be shared in the same way as other Google Docs. During the conversation some pre-created Fusion Tables will be shown. The process involved in creating the Fusion Tables will be demonstrated so that all involved in the conversation will be able to create new Fusion Tables. All Fusion Tables will be shared in Google Drive and a Google Doc with links to all projects created in the conversation will be shared with the public. Anyone with access to Google Drive will be able to access all the projects.

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