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Disruptive Talent

Session 5
Claire Robertson-Kraft, Alyson Goodner, Rachel Meadows — PhillyCORE Leaders

Vanity Fair recently published a list of the "New Establishment" and according to the editor, they share a common trait: they’re "disrupters." By definition, disrupters are innovative change agents who challenge the status quo. There are a growing number of these educational innovators in Philadelphia and across the country. But they often do not have the resources they need to scale their approaches. As a result, their innovation is often short-lived and isolated from mainstream practice.

In this session, participants will share their experiences and discuss what conditions are necessary to retain this type of talent at multiple levels of the system – i.e., district, school, classroom – and how the broader community can be used more effectively to support disruptive innovation.

The following questions will be discussed: •What does disruptive talent look like in practice (at the district, school, and classroom level)? •What role should the broader community play in supporting this type of change? •How can we better connect innovators between schools within the same district, as well as across school in different regions?

Conversational Practice

The discussion will be structured as a conversation, where participants are split into groups to discuss their own successes and challenges with trying to implement disruptive change at each level of the system. Small group discussion will be moderated by innovators from the Philadelphia region.

The goal is to develop a concrete mechanism during the session (e.g., website, mobile application) for highlighting, supporting, and connecting disruptive educational talent both within and across cities that could extend beyond the conference.

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