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Teacher evaluations: Towards a more democratic process

Session 6
Juan Gabriel Sanchez — Science Leadership Academy

Assessment of teacher performance has become theme in recent political discussions that is not going away. A recent flare-up was the strike in Chicago, which was not about money; it was about how teachers were assessed. Now that begs the question - if we don't want to be assessed by our students' performance on standardized tests, then how do we want to be assessed? How do we incorporate the democratic process into this discussion? Can we make these evaluations formative? I want to start that conversation and hear from teachers, administrators, people involved in unions, charter schools, and anywhere else who feels as if they want to listen and give input on the matter.

Conversational Practice

The whole session will be conducted in the form of a discussion. I have two over-arching questions that I want to pose to the people in the session to help direct the conversation, but much of this is me gathering data for myself. To that end, a web forum would help center the discussion, with maybe three short opportunities to write and respond to each other.

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Juan Gabriel Sanchez
Juan Gabriel Sanchez


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