Laura Hilliger

Laura Hilliger

Dresden, Germany

About Me

I’m an educator, writer, creative and technologist. I’m into Open Web, freedom, education and a million other things.

I’m actively participating in the discussion surrounding web literacies and education and am excited by the progress we’re making in this realm. My thesis was an educational concept for teaching web literacy to adults using gamification in curriculum and a blended learning framework. Why adults? Because adults are responsible for educating the younger generation. There’s a lot more to my reasoning behind that…

LinkedIn will tell you that I taught at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism and was the lead mentor at the Bay Area Video Coalitions Producer’s Institute. I developed curriculum for the Adobe T3 project and have mentored at film labs in various countries. I’m huge on collaboration and participate in open source projects, documentary film projects and online educational projects.

I’m also writing a couple books, which are completely unrelated to anything I do in my work life. One is about a crazy person, the other is about zombies. I do not have time for either of them.

Conversations I'm Presenting