During each of the six breakout sessions throughout the weekend, a large number of conversations will take place. This site will help you organize your plan for the weekend and provide the relevant information for each conversation. After signing in, search through the conversations below and mark the sessions you are interested in to populate your personal schedule on the right (or below if on your mobile phone).


Session 1
Mike Kaechele

A critical look at the standardization of public schools and especially the Common Core State Standards. How do the CCSS and the associated testing affect learning, motivation, and student passions? What things should be standardized in classrooms if anything?


Session 1
George Mayo, Harry Costner

This is not a proposal for a conversation. This is a proposal for an Educon remix experiment we would like to try during the course of the conference.

Collaborating in the Bronx to Amplify Youth Voices

Session 1
Amal Aboulhosn, Chris Sloan (in a Hangout), Paul Allison, Tricia Clarke, Jim Nordlinger

Meet four New York City Writing Project teachers who are part of a study group that has been sponsored by the NYCWP to foster and reflect on our use of Youth Voices. Amal Aboulhosn, Paul Allison, Tricia Clarke, and Jim Nordlinger will show student work that has resulted from their work together. We will also be joined in a Hangout by Youth Voices co-founder, Chris Sloan from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Educating for Changemaking: How we can ensure students become empathic leaders who can work collaboratively to drive change, address shared problems, and generate innovative solutions to social problems.

Session 1
Zoe Duskin, Kirsten Hill, Laura White

Understanding that everyone needs to practice empathy, leadership, and teamwork skills to solve social problems, Ashoka has launched the Empathy Initiative to make these “changemaking skills” a priority in education. Join us in a conversation about pedagogy, curriculum, and evaluation strategies for fostering and evaluating changemaker skill development in students.

Panel: Home & School 2.0 - Envisioning a Transparent, Connected Learning Environment

Session 1
Gwen Pescatore (P), Deb Rzepela-Auch (P), Dania Henaidy (P), Andrea Abel (T), Sara Heckman (T), Nancy Kaufman (T), Gabrielle Morrison (T), Joe Mazza (A)

A panel of parents, educators and lead learner at @KnappElementary School will share their collaborative efforts in "meeting parents where they are" using both tech & non-tech family engagement strategies to engage a diverse elementary school population in suburban Philadelphia.

Small Town School.......Global Education

Session 1
Daisy Dyer Duerr, Sabra Provence

With increasing technology and innovative educators, the World is getting smaller and our small isolated, school is "getting bigger!" Let us show you how an iPad & a caring, innovative teacher can make a student who doesn't have running water at home value their education and want to be "more." Technology + Relationships= Success

You Say You Want Tech Standards? Here Come the NITS!

Session 1
Gary S. Stager Ph.D., Martin Levins, Brian Smith

The ISTE Nets (tech standards) are approximately a decade old. They've produced endless meetings, cliché-laden documents and breathless rhetoric, but no perceptible increase in student computer fluency or teacher competence. Rather than standardizing, it’s time to amplify human potential with computers. A new diet of computing is required for learners.

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