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So You Want To Start an Educational Non-Profit

Session 1
Bill Fitzgerald, Jeff Graham, Andrea Burton — FunnyMonkey

Starting your own company or organization brings the promise of intellectual and professional freedom, but it requires both work and risk.

In this session, we will describe our process in starting a non-profit: how we made the decision, the barriers we are facing, and why we opted to create a non-profit in the first place.

We are early in the process of founding our non-profit; part of the discussion will involve the steps we are taking to ensure that our non-profit is set up to succeed. We would also love to hear from people who are doing, or who have done, similar work in the past.

Conversational Practice

In keeping with the mission of our non-profit, we plan on being completely transparent in our the full process of founding this organization. This transparency includes blogging the details of the founding process, but also taking steps to make sure that anyone else interested in doing similar work down the road can benefit from our process.

If we make mistakes, we want people to know what they are, so they can avoid them.

If we do things well, we'd like to emphasize why a set of choices worked well for us.

This conversation is both a means for us to share what we are doing, and, ideally, for us to learn from participants who have useful experience in this area.

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Bill Fitzgerald
Bill Fitzgerald
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