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Session 1
Mike Kaechele — New Tech social studies teacher at Kent Innovation High

The wide adoption of CCSS leads us into an era of standardization never seen before in North America. What implications does standardization have on national testing and classroom learning? I feel that standardization limits students ability to pursue their passions at school and hurts motivation. It leads to one-size-fits all teaching rather than personalized, student focused learning. The conversation at Educon will focus on how standards control and limit student voice and choice. We will look at how standards make student-centered environments such as PBL more difficult by restraining learning. We will also talk about what content, skills, etc should every student master if anything. Should every student take algebra is the type of content vs. skill question that we will discuss. I envision some audience members supporting the CCSS leading to a rich discussion of their strengths and weaknesses.

Conversational Practice

Shared Google Doc for note-taking; Chalk Talk for pros/cons of standardization. Group discussion (breaking into smaller groups if there are many participants)about what should/should not be standardized in schools. Wrap-up:How can we change the conversation at a national level on standards?

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Michael Kaechele
Michael Kaechele
Kent Innovation High School


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