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Educating for Changemaking: How we can ensure students become empathic leaders who can work collaboratively to drive change, address shared problems, and generate innovative solutions to social problems.

Session 1
Zoe Duskin, Kirsten Hill, Laura White — Inspired Teaching Demonstration Public Charter School, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, Ashoka

The main goals of this conversation are twofold: 1. To identify the design principles for cultivating empathy, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving skills in students, and 2. To explore assessment strategies for evaluating changemaker skill development in students. We will begin the conversation with a discussion of changemaker skills and how Ashoka and its Changemaker Schools have found empathy, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving to be critical competencies in changemaker development. Following this introduction, we will invite participants to share ways they have cultivated these skills in their students. By the end of the conversation, we will have an action plan for making changemaking skills as important a priority as traditional academic skills.

Conversational Practice

We will be using the strategy of sharing best practices to ensure that the session is a conversation, rather than a lecture. We will also set up a wiki to collect best practices and share them with a larger audience.

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Laura White
Laura White
Kirsten Hill
Kirsten Hill
University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education


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