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Care For vs. Care About: Creating the Ethic of Care

Session 3
Chris Lehmann, Pia Martin, Larissa Pahomov — Science Leadership Academy

At SLA, the Ethic of Care is central to the way we treat our students and each other. But what does that look like in practice? As educators, how do we make sure that the students we teach come first, and not the subject? How do we create and sustain an environment where students are supported and cared for while honoring the structure necessary for a school to function?

Conversational Practice

This conversation, led by the principal and two teachers, will address the successes and challenges of implementing the Ethic of Care at every level of a school's operations, from daily classroom interactions to the strategic design of school policies and operations. Participants will be invited to share stories from their own learning environments in order to examine how they too can "care for" instead of "care about."

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Larissa Pahomov
Larissa Pahomov
Science Leadership Academy



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