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Teaching Frameworks For Creative Collaboration

Session 6
Greg Bamford — Leading is Learning

We want our students to be collaborative solution-finders, but group work alone doesn’t get there. Students need frames for creative leadership – and practice to grow into leaders who foster collaborative, creative teams. In other words, we need to develop a curriculum for creative leadership that can operate in the authentic context of project-based learning. At Leadership+Design Studio, we’ve developed a leadership curriculum that operates in parallel with a three-day design thinking project. Students practice creative leadership while working in a small group to create new solutions to a design problem. In this conversation, we’ll practice using some of the tools from Leadership+Design Studio and explore how they can help develop young creative leaders. We’ll also share case studies from our work in the field. Topics for rehearsal include: • “Task” and “Maintenance” – and teaching students to observe the difference • Waterline Model – learning to diagnose problems in group dynamics in a way students can apply • Speedback – learning to give behaviorally specific feedback

Participants will benefit from watching a 30 minute video introducing core concepts before the workshop so that we can spend the bulk of our time together engaged in hands-on practice. This video is posted at www.leadingislearning.org/resources.

This is a hands-on, participatory conversation that will prepare participants to use to classroom-ready resources available on-line at leadingislearning.org/resources to continue the work once they leave.

Conversational Practice

Laboratory. Participants will participate in an activity, practice core concepts in a fishbowl environment, and analyze group process.

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Greg Bamford
Greg Bamford
Leading is Learning


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