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Making the Impossible, Possible: A conversation for visionary educators, parents, students and policy-makers.

Session 2
Anne Collier, Peggy Sheehy, Marianne Malmstrom — NetFamilyNews.org and ConnectSafely.org, Ramapo Central School District, G.A.M.E., WoW in School, The Elisabeth Morrow School

“So let me explain how revolutions work. Revolutions destroy the perfect and then they enable the impossible. They never go from everything-is-bad to everything-is-good. There’s a lot of noise in the middle.” ~Seth Godin, http://tinyurl.com/ericssonvideo

Like many of you, we are frustrated by the ineffectiveness of our educational system. It feels overwhelming and hopeless waiting for schools to shed outdated practices in favor of creating new learning models that fit today’s students.

The daunting question is, How do we make it happen?

Perhaps we already are. Our “perfect” system of education is crumbling. We are firmly embedded in the “noise” of change. Perhaps a more crucial question is, “How do we intensify “the noise” and make the “impossible” possible?”

We do it together – collectively, but ALSO each in our own sphere, one by one.

Educational transformation is so complex that no single visionary educator, policymaker, or parent can make it happen singlehandedly. Rather, the wisdom of multiple perspectives, talents, and approaches will be key to authentic systemic change. It will require commitment, thoughtful action and purposeful deconstruction of the existing model in ways that make sense in each of our contexts. It will take vision & individual acts of bravery to make the impossible possible.

Watch http://tinyurl.com/ericssonvideo Join this conversation about a movement to make education work for students. It is going to take all of us doing our own guerrilla-style acts to grow the transformation of learning.

Conversational Practice

“Think, Pair, and Share “ what’s working for you that others could replicate. Consider our collective commitment and what it looks like in our individual spaces. Tell us what you have done, are doing or will do to transform education in your own sphere(s) of influence. Think, Pair, Share during this session and then beyond. Again and again… “out there.” Think, Pair, Share, and Act.

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