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Project SPACE: A Case Study

Session 2
Tyler Morales, Derrick Pitts, Matthew Ginnetti, Allen Yang, Winston Wright, Alex Johnson — The Franklin Institute, Science Leadership Academy

In this student-led presentation, follow them on their voyage to solve the mystery of capturing live images of the sun. In this session, see how the students used inquiry, research, collaboration, presentation, and reflection to tackle a novel student-driven science project. During this session, the students will go through the questions they asked to more fully understand the scope of the project, the research required to get the project started and the process that went into building a multi-talented team of students to execute the project. Then they presented the final product in the form of solar images, and continue a constant evaluation and improvement process. Working in collaboration with Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute Science Museum, the students use their observatory telescope twice a week to collect images of the sun. Out of this session, you will learn how you can apply this process in the development of student projects and to give students a structure around which they can build their own projects in school. The images are uploaded and linked through the Franklin Institute’s Observatory page (http://www2.fi.edu/exhibits/permanent/bloomobservatory.php).

Conversational Practice

We will pose questions to the audience and have them create their own ideas for students projects and then have each person comment on each others' ideas.

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