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Standards Based Reporting and Grading at SLA

Session 2
Mark Bey, Roz Echols, Pearl Jonas, Brad Latimer, Larissa Pahomov — Science Leadership Academy

In the face of Common Core and increasing pressure from administrations, many schools are looking to produce more data about student learning. At SLA, teachers have responded to this shift by creating their own system of Standards Based Reporting. In this panel conversation, teachers from each discipline will discuss how they created standards language for their specific subject area, how they track student progress throughout the school year, and how they integrate the skills and reflection into their own classroom. The staff will also share the online system SLA uses to collect and report standards data with students.

Conversational Practice

Teachers will briefly discuss their individual practice, leaving most of the time for discussion with attendees and each other.

Presenter Profiles

Larissa Pahomov
Larissa Pahomov
Science Leadership Academy
Brad Latimer
Brad Latimer


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