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Students as Teachers: SLA's Student Assistant Teacher Program

Session 3
Alexa Klein Dunn & Joshua Block — Science Leadership Academy

Science Leadership Academy's Student Assistant Teaching program has grown exponentially over the last four years. Come to an interactive student and teacher-led workshop on creating and implementing a similar program in your schools! The Student Assistant Teaching (SAT) Program is a chance for Senior SLA students to work with 9th and 10th (sometimes 11th) grade students in SLA classrooms. SLA teachers serve as co-operating teachers. Seniors have elected into this program and have an interest in teaching and learning. This program has been a great way for Seniors to take leadership, serve as role models to, and connect with underclassmen in myriad ways thereby, enriching and supporting their classroom experiences.

Conversational Practice

This session is a workshop format, with student and teacher panelists to help the conversation along.

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