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The Other 18 Hours

Session 5
Alex Shevrin — Centerpoint School, South Burlington VT

How much do we know about our students' other 18 hours? What role does school play in their families, their priorities, their peer groups? In this conversation we'll examine our assumptions and look at some frames for how to meet our students where they are when they walk into school.

We will focus our conversation on through looking at the Core Strategies of Effective Integrated Treatment with Adolescents from Centerpoint Adolescent Treatment Services in South Burlington, Vermont. Centerpoint is a therapeutic high school and its strategies are a useful model for any teacher seeking to integrate care and positive regard into relationship with our students. We will also take a look at excerpts from Paul Tough's How Children Succeed, his latest research on how social and emotional skills work in balance with learning.

Join this session for thoughtful reflection on our understanding of our students, our awareness of how we bring ourselves to the work, and development of intentional strategies to improve.

Conversational Practice

We will have a text-based discussion as well as guided reflection and sharing through writing or visual prompts.

Presenter Profiles

Alex Shevrin
Alex Shevrin
Centerpoint School


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