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The Place of I-Thou Dialogue in the 21st Century Classroom

Session 3
Matthew C. Baird — SLA

At EduCon we are bombarded with great ideas of how to integrate technology in our classrooms. This conversation invites participants to sit back for a moment to consider how the intersection of technology and learning interacts with the fundamental pedagogical relationship between teacher and student. The context for this conversation is Marin Buber’s “I and Thou” from which we will explore how technology might interfere and possibly potentiate the creation of the type of dynamic learning environment that creates real connection between people. Knowledge of Buber’s theory of “I and Thou” would be helpful to participate in this conversation but is not necessary.

Conversational Practice

There is little to present here apart from some basics of the Buber's theory. This workshop literally is a conversation with an attempt to have the interactions model the type of environment that produces the type of authenticity that Buber exposes.

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