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Turning It From Sucks to Rocks

Session 2
Dan Callahan, Michelle Baldwin — Burlington Public Schools, Anastasis Academy

This conversation will have four main stages, moving from whole group sharing to whole group discussion to small group discussion and back to whole group sharing. 1. Using Socrative, participants will generate a list of some of the biggest challenges they feel that schools are facing today. After the whole group generates the list, participants will then vote on which challenges to focus on for the following discussion. (~10 minutes) 2. Taking the topics from the previously created list, the discussion will move into a Things That Suck format. One of the topics will be thrown out to the group, and participants will move to one side of the room or the other based on whether they think it sucks or rocks. There will be a short period of discussion for each topic. (~30 minutes) 3. Based on their own interests, participants will choose a small group that focuses on one of the issues just discussed. That small group will focus their discussion around the perceived challenges that are presented by the issue, and work on formulating strategies that can be used to overcome those challenges and bring about positive change. Documents created and relevant links will go onto a shared wiki. (~30 minutes) 4. Small groups will summarize their discussion for the whole group, with a particular focus on the strategies they developed. (~20 minutes)

Conversational Practice

Protocols - What, So What, Now What; Things That Suck; Wiki/shared documents

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