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Using Spoken Word to Inspire

Session 4
Matthew Kay, Cait Miner, Greg Corbin — Philly Youth Poetry Movement

We will have a quick conversation about the merits of the performance arts in the classroom across disciplines. Then we will have a model workshop that pushes comfort levels, which we will then reflect on afterwards. After that, the participants will make their own performance activity with a case study student and field of study that we create. We will discuss these if there is not much time left – role play if there is more time left. I'll leave them with a packet of our activities and a sample curriculum to take home.

Conversational Practice

We are going to have a legitimate writer/performer workshop that has the best of our practice and our best activities. We'll have another section where they plan there own activities and we'll act them out and do some good thought work with them. It will look nothing like a traditional presentation.

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