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Asking Beautiful Questions: A reflection protocol to align mission with the stories we tell

Session 3
Mark Silberberg, Alex Ragone — Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin HS, City & Country School

The school mission drives in ways direct and subtle the stories that we tell within and beyond our school communities. We will leverage the collective wisdom of the participants in the workshop to explore current successes and challenges in realizing the promise embedded in each of our school’s missions. We’ll engage in active learning together using a design thinking approach as we ask "How might we" and "What if" questions to uncover new possibilities for better addressing emerging Educon themes in our schools and classrooms. Participants will receive focused feedback on a pressing issue that they identify and will give feedback to other participants about challenges that they are facing in their schools. Participants will leave with an actionable plan to address their mission-focused challenge. We hope that our shared thinking will create the beginnings of a professional learning community that can continue beyond the workshop conversation.

Conversational Practice

We will use design thinking activities to drive the workshop activities. Participants will be active throughout the workshop and not simply be passive listeners of a presentation. We want to create a space where participants can take a risk and explore new ideas to inform their work. Participants will work in small groups as they cycle through a "What if" consultancy protocol. Work produced in the consultancies will be posted and a gallery walk will allow all to view and offer additional feedback.

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Presenter Profiles

Alex Ragone
Alex Ragone
City and Country School
Mark Silberberg
Mark Silberberg
Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin HS


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