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Busting Silos in School Strategy

Session 1
Bryan Lakatos — www.mvschool.com, www.dtk12chat.com

An important part of the job of anyone in charge of some aspect of a school is making sure the school can continue to function and exist. An absolute necessity to be sure, but this is often such a large task that it has the very real danger of making it all we ever do.

Our students, on the other hand, are spending their lives learning to live and thrive in a world of rapid changes and inevitable disruption that requires them to plan new paths and adjust their vision on the fly. Our continuing challenge is to provide students with schools that are as good at innovative strategy as they themselves will have to be.

Educators from The Miami Valley School in Dayton, OH, will start this session off by sharing how they’ve embarked this year on a new strategy for innovative school redesign that brings faculty, admins, students, and parents together in design thinking “Window Teams” to observe, understand, and find places ripe for innovative thinking. After that, the session opens for everyone to share successes and not-yet-successes for their schools. We’re better together!

Conversational Practice

Participants will live create a Google document together recording what resonates and works for them. Document will have sections with helpful prompts and we’ll save time toward the end of the session to share out loud from the document. The document will stay accessible as folks return to their schools and use what they’ve learned.

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Bryan Lakatos
Bryan Lakatos
The Miami Valley School


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