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Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Our Story?

Session 4
Jennifer Borgioli Binis — Ed History 101

The essential question for the session is, “Who determines the truth?” To get at participants’ mental models, they’ll be asked to do a brief written response to organize their thinking around the guiding questions, "what do I know to be true about the history of American education? How do I know this true?" Participants will share their thinking via PollEverywhere/Google Forms and after data collection and organization, we’ll use crowdsourcing in the room to get to at what think we can prove is the truth around one of the patterns. In addition to the conversation, there may be brief in-put sessions around two or three common myths in American education and two or three unknown names in American history, depending on the flow of the conversation. Finally, select excerpts from historical documents will be shared to highlight participants’ areas of interests. At the end of the session, we’ll revisit the essential question and share thinking using the “I used to think… and now I think…” framing device.

Conversational Practice

The session will take the form of a fireside chat with the opening invitation around the essential question, "Who determines the truth?" We'll use a protocol for unpacking the accuracy of historical facts and use brief texts to support our thinking.

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Jennifer Borgioli
Jennifer Borgioli
Ed History 101


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