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Why School?: What's Our Enduring Value?

Session 3
Will Richardson

Seymour Papert wrote in Mindstorms "It is an open question whether [schools] will adapt by transforming themselves into something new or wither away and be replaced." This session will grapple with that question. Can we create a more modern frame for schools that captures that transformation that Papert suggests? What is that "something new"? Let's spend 90 minutes or so crafting a larger vision of schooling, one that blends the realities of the modern world with the best of progressive thinking around education. One that we can take to the world as a guidepost for local discussions around change.

Conversational Practice

Argument, group counseling, things that stick, manifesto-like thinking, free drink coupons on United Airlines for the first five attendees, serious conversation, angst, a sense of accomplishment, group hugs. (Not necessarily in that order.)

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Will Richardson
Will Richardson


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