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Makeover: Classroom Edition

Session 6
Christie-Belle Garcia, Alexandria Garino, Sarah L. Hamilton — Christie-Belle Garcia, Fordham University, NY, Alexandra Garino, Fordham University, NY Sarah L. Hamilton, PS 44, Staten Island, NY

The advent of the Web 2.0 has brought many affordances to instructional practice - except in the area of classroom design. The presenters are currently experiencing the phenomenon of engaging in 21st century learning in a 20th century classroom. The time has come for our classrooms to enter the 21st century; it is time for an extreme makeover. The conversation will begin with an exploration of two different classrooms, and the question: “What type of learning occurs in this space?” In this conversation, participants will explore what constitutes a 21st century classroom space and how we create classrooms that support 21st century learning. Participants will be asked to help design a 21st century classroom, imagine what it is like to be either a teacher or a student in a classroom designed for the 21st century, and discuss the challenges of creating 21st century classrooms.

We hope to engage participants in a meaningful conversation that leads to the creation of a 21st century learning space.

Conversational Practice

Participants will begin the conversation by evaluating images of learning spaces and responding to the questions “what do you see” and “what does this mean for learning.” They will then share their responses to the questions.

Each participant will draw a picture of their ideal 21st century learning space. Images will be displayed in the form of a gallery where others in the group can provide feedback and ask questions about the spaces.

Based on their images and gallery walk, participants will create a working list of “must haves” in their 21st century learning space and explain why this must be included in the classroom design. Once the list is created, participants must identify what challenges exist in making a 21st century learning space a reality. How does one address those challenges?

Presenter Profiles

Sarah Hamilton
Sarah Hamilton
PS 44, Staten Island


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